Saturday, February 17, is "Do a Grouch a Favor Day." When you encounter someone with a case of the mulligrubs, where can you go in Grand Junction to show a little compassion?

Over the years, we've put together lists of most popular places, things to do, and deals from around the Grand Junction area. Here are a few highlights. Perhaps these will brighten a grouch's day.

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    The Gym

    Nothing will cure a case of the blues like a trip to the gym. When you have 600 pounds barreling down on you on the leg press, you're problems suddenly seem insignificant.

    Not long ago, we published a post - Grand Junction's Top 5 Gyms According to Yelp!

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    Out for a Burger

    "I'm too grouchy to enjoy a delicious hamburger" said no one ever. If you've got a crank on your hands, this might be the solution.

    One of the staff put together a list of Grand Junction's best burgers. This could solve all your problems in one shot.

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    Friendly Cup of Coffee

    Nothing settles the nerves, or potentially the opposite, send them through the roof, like a delicious cup of coffee. Western Colorado is home to several awesome coffee houses.

    Why not start at the top? Perhaps your grouch needs a trip to the best coffee house in the valley.

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    New Haircut

    Have you ever noticed grouchy people typically have lousy hair? This may very well be the reason for their attitude problem in the first place. Imagine having a perpetual "bad hair day."

    Why not take them for a new "do"? When you take a grouch to the salon, where's the best place to go?

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    Waylon Jordan

    Take a Hike

    Have you ever heard the saying "Walk it out"? It really works. If you or someone else has a crank going, a little exercise, beautiful scenery, and a chance to work the stale air out of your lungs hits the spot every time.

    Tell that grouch to "take a hike", literally. Where do you recommend they go? Be nice, now.

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