Summer is almost here and trails are mostly clear, minus the patches of mud due to rain. Here are five hikes in the Grand Junction area to check out and enjoy some fresh air.

 Liberty Cap


This one has a couple different trailheads, but the most popular one, and shortest in hiking distance is the trail-head off South Broadway. Short hike, but mostly all up the hill giving more of a calf and thigh workout.

Crag Crest


This is a beautiful hike located on the Grand Mesa. There are several different trailheads, varying in the length of hike desired.

Devil's Kitchen


This is a short hike located at right by the Ranger's Station Entrance on Monument Road. The rock structures at the top make it fun to explore, with an added bonus of lemon squeezers to the left of Devil's Kitchen if you like a more challenging hike. (The above picture is from the lemon squeezer.)

Mica Mines


This one is off Little Park Road and is a leisure hike. Not much up or down terrain makes it do-able for most individuals.

Mount Garfield


This is not for the faint of heart. If you like heights and a challenge, this is a must for Grand Junction. It is considered the trainer hike for 14ers.

What are some of your favorite hikes in Grand Junction?