Did you know Colorado is home to the highest-named lake in America? If you didn't, it's likely because most people don't know about it. No hiking trail will get you there, yet this lake is recognized by the United States Board on Geographic Names.

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Colorado's highest lake beats Hawaii's Lake Waiau on Mauna Kea at 13,020 feet and higher than California's Tulainyo Lake near Mount Whitney at 12,829 feet. Keep scrolling as we head to Colorado's Ten Mile Range to learn more about the highest-named lake in the Centennial State.

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America's Highest Named Lake Is In Colorado

Pacific Peak in Colorado.
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Colorado's highest-named lake is located southeast of Pacific Peak (seen above) in the Ten Mile Range of mountains between Breckenridge and Alma along Colorado State Highway 9. The lake is known as Pacific Tarn and sits at 13,420 feet. No trail will take you to Pacific Tarn, but experts can find their way to the lake in the late summer when seasonal wildlife closures end in Summit County.

Pacific Tarn in the White River National Forest

Colorado's Highest Named Lake
Dave Spates Youtube Pacific Tarn

The lake remained largely undisturbed until 2002 when Carl Drews of Bolder, Colorado organized an expedition to measure its size, depth, and water chemistry. The lake was found to be 560 feet long, and 464 feet wide, with a surface area of 4.7 acres. Pacific Tarn has a maximum depth of 28 feet. The lake remained unnamed until 2004 when the United States Board of Geographic Names approved 'Pacific Tarn'.

Keep scrolling to see photos of Youtuber Dave Spates, who made an awesome video showing the hike to Pacific Tarn in the Ten Mile Range.

Photos: Hiking To the Highest Names Lake in Colorado

Join us for a virtual tour of the highest-named lake in the United States, found right here in Colorado. Youtuber Dave Spates shows us what it is like to hike through McCullough Gulch Trail to find our destination at 13,420 feet.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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