If you were looking for a gym in Grand Junction, where would you start? These are the top five gyms in town according to Yelp!

Many people consider gyms and health clubs to be similar to flower shops; you go to the one most convenient. That may have been true at one time, but with all the options out there, gym goers are becoming pickier about their club.

The environment is a major factor in selecting a health club. Personally, I drive past three gyms in order to get to my club. The venue I choose to go to has equipment I like, hours I like, and an atmosphere I find motivating.

We did our only little survey two years ago, and as it turns out, our poll reached the same conclusion as Yelp! In descending order, these are the top five gyms in Grand Junction according to Yelp!

#5. 970 Muscle

#4 - Anytime Fitness

#3 - Crossroads Fitness - Airport

#2 - Mesa Fitness

#1 - Crossroads Downtown

You probably noticed most corners of Grand Junction were represented. Gyms found downtown, in Orchard Mesa, on Horizon Drive, and off Highway 6 & 50 on the way to the mall were all represented. Pick one, they're all great.

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