You were asked to vote for your favorite Grand Junction area coffee house. You stepped up to the "cup" and voted in a big, big way. Thousands of votes came in, and the results are now available.

This particular survey focused on coffee "houses," or at the very least, places where you could go to get a cup of coffee and then take a seat and enjoy conversation with friends or type away on your laptop.

It was a long list. Venues included all the local mom and pop joints along with the major national chains like Starbucks. So long as they offered some kind of seating, they were eligible for the survey.

When it was all said and done, it was one of Grand Junction's newer, if not newest, venues which walked away with the prize. Here are the results.

Grand Junction Coffee House results

Congratulations to Jitterz! They opened up the Orchard Mesa location at 27 Road and Highway 50 several months ago. Since then, business, and apparently customer satisfaction, has been good.

Let's face it, all the local coffee houses are great. I haven't visited a bad one yet. Rather than getting a to-go cup at the local gas station, set aside 30 minutes or so and visit one of these local coffee houses. The service is great, and the coffee is fantastic. You owe yourself an opportunity to kick back and relax at one of these local treasures.

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