A great cup of coffee is one thing. A great coffee venue is something else. You can make a delicious cup of coffee at home for a fraction of the price of going out. When it comes to a great coffee house, where will you find Grand Junction's best?

You can whip up an entire pot of coffee for pennies. If you like to go fancier, you can buy K-Cups for roughly 75 cents each. For those who don't mind off-brands, you can get that price down to about 33 cents.

Making coffee at home doesn't offer the social atmosphere you would enjoy at a coffee house. In some cases, sit-down coffee joints provide entertainment. Some have awesome staff you look forward to seeing.

We've asked the question before, "Where will you find Grand Junction's best coffee?" We've even asked about the best coffee house. Things change, though. Since the last time we asked the question, several new venues have opened in Grand Junction.

One new venue, Gelu Italian Ice & Coffee at 12th and North Avenue, offers coffee produced by a local roaster, Colorado Legacy Coffee. As a matter of fact, you'll find Colorado Legacy Coffee at several coffee houses around Western Colorado. Several shops in downtown Grand Junction spring to mind.

Since many coffee shops offer the exact same product, it becomes a matter of atmosphere, location, service, and price when determining which is best.

Where's your favorite? We want names. Vote for your favorite from the list below. You'll notice national outlets have been added to the list. While they offer seating, some may not consider them true coffee houses. If you don't see your favorite, write it in via the "Other" category, and it will be added to the survey.

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