President Trump's lawyers are standing behind a Colorado baker's decision not to create a cake for a gay wedding.

The two issues at hand are free speech and free exercise of religion versus the Colorado civil right's law that prohibits discrimination on sexual orientation.

Trump's lawyers have filed a court brief that states that the Colorado baker, Jack Phillips', right to refuse service to the gay couple should take precedent over the Colorado discrimination law.

This was a case that started back in 2014. Check out the post back in June of this year, when the Supreme Court had gotten involved.

Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins were searching for a bakery to create their wedding cake. When they approached Jack Phillips, Phillips refused, stating that he did not believe in the two gay men's lifestyle and did support their upcoming same-sex marriage.

Craig and Mullin's then filed suit against Phillips citing the Colorado civil law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. Phillips was eventually found guilty based on the Colorado laws.

But, now with President Trump's administrative lawyers on the side of the cake baker, could Colorado laws be changed?

Again, I go back to what I had previously stated about this. Every business should have the right to refuse service to anyone. Plus, why would these two men continue to try and force someone to provide a service that the baker clearly does not want to perform? There has to several other Denver area bakeries that would gladly take their order. Why not just move on?


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