All signs point to a nation that continues to be deeply divided.

The Camden South Capitol apartment complex in Washington, D.C. has ordered residents to stop placing banners outside their homes after one woman put up one that said "Nope" with an arrow pointing up toward her neighbor, who had a flag that said "Donald Trump."

After seeing this, it may be safe to say that instead of a country united, we are now a nation of neighbors divided.

Aman Dhanda is the woman who unfurled the "Nope" banner. She said she felt like she had to take some sort of stand after seeing the Trump banner above her for so long. Her action hasn't gone unnoticed.

“I’ve gotten messages from around the country, around the world,” she said.

The man behind the Trump banner has not met Dhanda, but says he would love to and has no ill will toward her.

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