It doesn't matter what your view on politics is, when over 500 vehicles in a caravan roll southbound on Interstate 25, you're bound to pay attention.

The rolling President Trump rally occurred over the weekend dubbed "the MAGA Drag" and spanned over 100 miles.

Matt Sparx

My wife and I were running some errands this weekend and we happened upon the caravan at around Colfax. We decided to follow and see how many cars there were. Initially, when we got onto the interstate, there were still many vehicles in the caravan behind us. How many? We can't be sure.

You really don't realize how long of a line of 500 vehicles are until they are all together. The line spanned for miles upon miles. American flags, President Trump flags, and flashing lights for as far as you can see.

Passerbys honked their horns and gave thumbs up to those in the rolling rally to show support. From what we witnessed, only very few cars were giving a thumbs down or another hand gesture while passing by.

Check out only a few of the cars that were part of the rolling President Trump rally that started in Henderson and finished in Golden.

Rolling MAGA Rally

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