I recently posted a question on Facebook, asking what the most annoying things are in Grand Junction neighborhoods. Here are the results:

1. Dogs

This one had the most votes by a landslide, and I can relate. Numerous listeners said that the most annoying thing in their neighborhood was the dog(s) that never stop barking. My next-door neighbor has one of these dogs, and when there is extra noise in the neighborhood, a siren, for example, it seems like all of the dogs within a two-block radius start howling together. It's extremely annoying.

2. Drugs

Another common annoyance in Grand Junction is drug addicts. While meth was the biggest complaint, Christine said that her biggest annoyance was her "pot harvesting paranoid neighbor who has cameras and audio pointing all over and now at my house. At night every light outside and inside is on, it's very creepy."

3. Speeding

Speeding cars was cited by several people as the most annoying thing in their neighborhood, though one listener had a different kind of speeding complaint. Robin's biggest annoyance was more geared to loud cars racing down North at night. Annoying, and dangerous.

4. Loud Neighbors

Here's another one I can relate to. Several listeners cited loud neighbors as their biggest complaint about their neighborhood. Candy might be my neighbor, as she complained about "the foul-mouthed mothers yelling at their kids all the time," which is something I experience regularly. Beau had a different noisy neighbor complaint, citing "the guy that starts his motorcycle at 6 a.m. every morning and lets it idle for 10 minutes."

5. Drunk College Kids

This one made me laugh, and think that perhaps it's too outlandish to be true. However, Jammie's biggest complaint was, and I quote, "The college kids on the corner of 7th and Orchard getting drunk and naked on the roof in the middle of the day." Wow.

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