Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump continued a "family tradition" by spending spring break in Aspen this year, and not too many people were happy about it.

Along with their children, and over 100 Secret Service agents, the Trump brood descended on Aspen for some rest relaxation, shopping, and skiing, much to the dismay of the locals, who bemoaned the lack of parking spaces and available dinner reservations, not to mention the traffic issues having an entourage this size causes.

Twitter was abuzz with the news as you can imagine.

Secret Service agents spent  $12,208.25 on ski rentals, etc while with the family. No issues were reported during the stay, other than a protest put together by around 40 Aspen residents prior to the family's arrival.

As the President continues to eliminate or severely restrict funding on many worthwhile programs such as the Free Lunch program, using taxpayer money to fund family trips sends a completely different message.

If fiscal restraint is the order of the day, "The Donald" would do well to fund any future trips out of his own rather sizeable pockets.

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