The Supreme Court will now decide whether a Colorado baker has the right to refuse a same-sex marriage wedding cake.

Charlie Craig and David Mullins have filed a suit against Denver baker Jack Phillips. Craig and Mullins were searching for someone to make their wedding cake. Phillips refused on account that he did not support the same-sex marriage that Craig and Mullins were entering into.

Phillips has already been to court on this matter. A Colorado court found him guilty of discrimination against Craig and Mullins under current Colorado law. Phillips states that he has First Amendment rights and that he should not have to perform any type of service that supports a same-sex marriage.

This is where it definitely gets confusing. I understand why the couple is unhappy and would want some kind of compensation or at least media awareness to this, but whatever happened to old standard business philosophy 'we have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason?' Plus, why would Craig and Mullins possibly want a cake made by a man who clearly does not want to make a cake for you and does not support your life style? Find another baker, perhaps?

I don't know the ins and outs of Colorado discrimination laws, so I am not exactly sure what businesses can and can not do, but is forcing someone to perform a service against their will and beliefs because of someone else's beliefs?

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