Take a look at Keyes' choices for his top five videos on KEKB. They include Country Jam, Grand Junction ghosts, topless women and MORE!

We shall start with number five:

5) Grand Junction Women Topless

This came about over a law in Fort Collins that proclaimed women can now walk around in public-topless. Here is what a few Grand Junction women thought.

4) Grand Junction Weird + Bizarre Conspiracy Theories 

Who doesn't LOVE a good conspiracy theory?

3) The St. Regis Building Grand Junction ghost sighting. 

This was courtesy of Frank Wagner who worked there when this footage was found. CHILLS!

2) If that wasn't enough. There was MORE footage of this possible spirit.

1) Country Jam Aftermath

But, by far the BEST video story was the complete annihilation of the Country Jam grounds each night in 2017. Keyes ventured out Saturday morning to take a look at the destruction. It ain't pretty.

Well, there you go. My Top 5 Favorite Videos on KEKB. Do you have a favorite?

BONUS VIDEO: Country Jam grounds like you have NEVER seen them.

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