For the Country music fan here in Colorado why not combine your love of the music and your passion for Colorado? KEKB presents five Colorado shaped gift ideas to brighten your Colorado Country Christmas.

Our beloved home state is 380 miles by 280 miles. Kind of like a squatty rectangle. So, we had to find things with a similar shape.

  • 5) One of our very classy KEKB vinyl banners. Actual size is 36" x 24". It'll liven up any garage, attic, hunting shack or any abandoned building.
  • 4) Your own Tim McGraw. One dimensional, but still feels like he is always watching you. Sorry, Faith!
  • 3) Your very own KEKB Country Jam Facebook Frame photo. Get friends and family together for a picture that proves to everyone that you were there! (Even if you weren't.)  
  • 2) Boxes of Jello. Assorted flavors. For those tasty (but lethal) Jello-Shots at Country Jam.
  • 1) How about a simple, old fashion CD of your favorite Country artist. Wait, does anyone even listen to these anymore?

Well, there you go. A few Colorado-shaped Country gift ideas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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