These are everyday items I found around KEKB. For some reason, I saw and heard all these today as something else. They all sounded a little dirty.

This is what happens when a little boredom and a lack of sleep can do. Everything I looked at this morning made my mind wander right to the gutter.

Yes, I am a child. I am also betting on a large chunk of you out there are right with me on that maturity level. Tell me you can't flip through this photo gallery without chuckling at least a couple of times.

This website popped up on my Facebook page and that's what started it. These are completely normal and harmless words that sound, well, funny.

So, don't be ashamed about giggling when you see these. In fact, what you should do is go to your home or workplace and look for the things there that can fit into this same category.

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