I've got a NEW rule of cell phone etiquette here for everyone: Voice-mails should only be left in a LIFE-OR-DEATH EMERGENCY.

In today's age of technology experts are saying you should only leave a voice mail if it's an emergency, otherwise they suggest hanging up and texting a summary of why you called.

Seriously, think about it, when was the last time YOU left a personal voice mail? The only time I can remember recently was when I called someone for business reasons. If you can't remember either, don't worry . . . it means you're POLITE.

The article in the "New York Times" says that leaving a voice mail is a BURDEN on the other person because they have to actually go to the trouble of pressing the button and listening to it! (dang when did we get so lazy?)

I hate when I get voice mails from friends and family because I'm just gonna call you back as soon as my phone tells me I missed your call, then their gonna ask me, "Did you get my message?" and I'm gonna tell em, "No, because it takes me long to call it, then it does to call you back and see what you needed . . . ."

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