Your lock screen on your phone is something that you look at multiple times a day, every day. My lock screen on my phone is a funny picture of my baby, aka my cat, Jax.

if you're going to look at it every day, it better be good. After asking you to show it off, this is what Grand Junction's lock screens look like.

Here's my sweet and also crazy cat:

And these are Grand Junction's lock screens:

I see I'm not the only one who has their furbaby as their lock screen.

Hey Dave Grohl, you're pretty cool and so is your music.

Robert said he rides a 15 Wide Glide and that's his lock screen on his phone currently.

Jamie's dad is always with her.

This is Keith's favorite person to play Transformers with, his son.

There's something so soothing about the water, I can see why this is Sam's lock screen.

Suddenly I'm feeling very happy and motivated.

I asked if Radford's lock screen was his garage and he said it's his goal.

I think this lock screen shows everyone what's important to Ashely -- family.

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