There is a new scam that includes a virus that will cause your phone to lose all internet connection. Attempting to force users to pay to regain control of their phones. 

This new scam effects cell phone internet usage, so much so that the phone becomes almost unusable.

When the virus is sent to your phone via pop-up message, it will cause you to lose all internet connection, as it did in the case of Sara Riggle of Grand Junction.

When the phone locked up, it received a text message with a number to call to "Update the IOS" (the operating system) on the phone. When the number was called by Sara, she learned quickly that they wanted money to do the update, and immediately called the cell phone carrier to report the issue.

According to Sara, the carrier stated this was a full-on scam, and to report it to the proper authorities. The carrier was nice enough to work with her to wipe the phone, in which case she had to re-start from scratch as if the phone was new.

Strangely enough, the voice I heard on hold was a very close similarity to the voice of Siri when I attempted to call the number, just to see what would happen. The person who answered the phone identified themselves as an Apple representative. This is not the case at all. I spoke with Apple Technical support, and the number is not one of support for the company.

Be aware that this virus sent through a pop-up message, and that it not only locks your phone, but it also disables all security on your phone so all vital information can be seen.

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