Many car companies are using computer monitoring of your car as a selling point. If you have an older model car you can now have the same features, including calling emergency services being called in case of an accident, using a new app called "Automatic"

For just $99.95 you can purchase the "Automatic" Link device which plugs into the computer port in your 1996 or newer car and connect it to your smart phone through a Bluetooth connection. The app connects whenever your phone comes within range of the Link devise, and there are no subscription fees at this time. You just buy it and plug it in, then open the app.

Whenever you need to check on things like Driving Feedback, Trip Timelines, Engine Light issues and more, you just need to open the app on your phone.The app will keep different profiles for different drivers, and lets you know where your car is parked with the phone's GPS functions. The Link even has a " built-in accelerometer" that will notify agents at the company if it senses you have been involved in an accident.  There are limitations on this over the ones that are built into the newer cars because this one works only through cellular services. So if you are in an area without service, the crash feature cannot work.

So would you be interested in bringing your older car into the 21st century? You can now do it with this new device that is available online, at Best Buy and at Apple stores.

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