In Alaska it's customary to take these off, do you ask your guest to do the same?

I had a friend FREAK out because she went to someone's house and they asked her to do THIS . . . what do you think IT could be? Find out and tell us if YOU think it's rude to ask guest to do THIS!

Before you take a look at the answer, tell us what you think IT could be . . .

The Answer:

  • Take their shoes off
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My friend freaked out because she apparently has a foot odor problem and was embarrassed by the stink!

So I asked my friends: Is it rude to ask guests to take off their shoes and if their feet stink is it rude to ask them to put them back ON?

Here's what some of them had to say:

Mack Dodge -Facebook
Mack Dodge -Facebook
Mack Dodge -Facebook
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