One of the great things about living in Grand Junction, there is more than one way to get across town. But, which route is the quickest during rush hour?

Long after we are gone, the debate will rage on about the quickest way to get from one end of Grand Junction to the other. It's a discussion that may last eternally, considering all the variables that come in to play.

For the sake of this discussion, I asked our fans "what would be the quickest route to go from Mesa Mall to Central High School during rush hour?"

Consider the options.

#1 - You take 6 & 50 out to I-70 and take the interstate to the Clifton exit.

#2 - Hop on Patterson and take it to 31 Road or 31-1/2 (although when I set the scenario I was thinking of going all the way to 32.)

#3 - Take 6 & 50 to North Avenue, across to the I-70 Business Loop.

#4 - Take the I-70 Business Loop all the way.

The shortest route is to take Patterson, but is it the quickest? Keep in mind, the idea of this post is to discuss the quickest way across town, not necessarily from the mall to Central. I used those landmarks for reference.

Let's see what people had to say.

Of course, we always get some non-traditional responses.

As you would expect, it's nearly impossible to come to a consensus. For what it's worth I'll tell you what I do.

In this particular scenario, I would take Patterson. While you may be traveling faster on I-70, you have to account for the time that it takes to get out to the interstate and then back from the interstate.

If my starting point is the Regal Cinema, I -70 seems like the way to go. That is the key right there. What exactly is your starting point? If it's Rimrock Walmart, you would be best served to go North Avenue. If you are downtown, I-70B would make a lot of sense.

Not only is your starting point critical to the discussion but so is the time of day and the day of the week you are traveling. So, there are variables that make it difficult to exactly pinpoint the quickest route.

In the particular scenario of Mesa Mall to Central High School, I would say Patterson is the way to go. However, my question did specify it was rush hour and that is the case I have to side with the I-70 crowd. Patterson can be brutal during rush hour.

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