The flag currently flying high on Mt. Garfield is in need of being replaced. By the time the weekend is over, there will be a new American flag at Mt. Garfield's summit.

Earlier this year, a group of dedicated people hiked up Mt. Garfield equipped with an amazing new flag pole and a new flag. Before long the flag was fluttering in the breeze.

Well, as time goes by, and weather rolls through the valley, the flag experiences a tremendous amount of wear and tear. Right now, the flag is in need of replacement.

So, on that note, this weekend, one of the leaders of the crew responsible for the new flag and flagpole, Dan Grisham, along with yours truly, will hike the mountain and replace the flag. The replacement flag has been sitting safely in my home for about 15 years. It is a 5 X 8 heavy duty flag, long overdue to take its place on Mt. Garfield.

Mt. Garfield's New Flag
Waylon Jordan

Flags have flown high at this site for years. Over the decades, numerous people including Western Colorado's "Filthy Few," members of the Boy Scouts, and various citizens have placed flags at Mt. Garfield's summit. Some time ago, a new base with bolts appeared. People began to ask what was going on.

It has been two years since I put up a flag at this location. It was an $11 flag from the hardware store. It wasn't much, but it was the best I could afford and carry to the site by myself.

As of May 2017, Mt. Garfield has an amazing new mast from which to fly the flag. The building of a new base and the transportation of this gigantic mast to the summit must have been a major undertaking. Kudos to all those involved.

If you make the drive down I-70 on Monday, look up. You'll see something which will hopefully brighten your day.

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