Are you in the mood for a feel-good story? I am. A Clifton woman went to a social media classified ads page Wednesday to thank the mystery person or persons who paid her family's restaurant bill.

Kelly Lawrence-Purdy posted on the Facebook page Western Slope Classified Ads on Wednesday to tell the story of the special gift she, her husband, and four children received last Wednesday.

It seems the family went out to dinner at Dos Hombres. When it came time for the bad news, i.e. the check, it turns out someone "paid it forward" and covered their bill.

Via Western Slope Classified Ads, she posted:

Tonight my family and I (husband and 4 kids) went to eat at Dos Hombres. When we got ready to leave we were told the bill was already taken care of. To this person, thank you so much... that meant the world to my husband and I. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate the gesture. I hope this gets to you.

I don't know about you, but this really makes my day. This generous act, right in the middle of a tragic week, is enough to help restore my faith in the human race. I wasn't even at Dos Hombres, and even I appreciate this generous gesture.

Maybe it's time for all of us to "pay it forward." For the first time in over a decade I actually have money in my wallet. As a matter of fact, paying it forward is exactly what I'm going to do. Give thought to doing the same in the near future.

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