People have been asking when the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center Bloodmobile will be making rounds in their community. After recent tragedies, people are stepping up to donate blood. Sit tight, the Bloodmobile is making rounds through western Colorado and eastern Utah this month. Take a look at the schedule for October.

Tuesday morning I ran into the crew from the St. Mary's Bloodmobile. As you can imagine, they were exhausted following a hectic Monday. People came out in force to donate in the aftermath of the Las Vegas tragedy.

It doesn't take a national emergency to bring about a need for blood. The Bloodmobile is always out and about. As a matter of fact, it travels all over western Colorado and eastern Utah. When will it arrive in your neck of the woods?

Following a recent post on the subject of donating blood, people starting reaching out to me asking when the Bloodmobile would be in their town. Fortunately, the St. Mary's website offers a detailed calendar. Take a look at October 2017.

Bloodmobile October Schedule
St. Mary's Medical Center

In October alone the Bloodmobile will visit Cedaredge, Palisade, Moab, Montrose, Gunnison, Delta, and Telluride. That's a pretty big radius around Grand Junction.

Now is a great time to donate blood. It's quick, easy, almost painless, and you'll be saving lives. The Bloodmobile is making its rounds, so be ready. It will be in your neighborhood before you know it.

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