Earlier this morning I ran into the crew from the St. Mary's Bloodmobile. As you can imagine, they've been busy in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings. Have you donated blood lately? Here's my list of five reasons why you should donate blood today.

I received a call from the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center last month asking me to come in. I'm O-Positive, so they like me. They call me every ten weeks or so to remind me it's time to donate again.

Grand Junction's blood bank offers extensive hours. No lines, no fuss, just saving lives. As a matter of fact, look at all the empty seats at the blood center during my last visit. What's up with that?

St. Mary's Blood Center
Waylon Jordan

Before they draw your blood, you have to fill out a little questionnaire. Most of the questions involve diseases you've probably never even heard of. Others ask some rather personal questions. How does one say this delicately? They ask questions like, "Have you ever had sex with a prostitute from Europe who had a tattoo or piercing done in the last 12 months?"

Granted, the questions are a bit personal, but unless you're really into weird stuff, it's safe to say you can answer with a simple "No."

Here are my five reasons why you should donate today:

5. It's painless. Seriously, it doesn't hurt. Yeah, they have to poke a finger with a little needle to get a sample, and that's kind of a drag. Aside from that, you hardly notice anything.

4. The people at the blood bank are awesome.

3. You really do get free orange juice and cookies!

2. You never know when you might need blood. Wouldn't it give you real peace of mind to know there was blood waiting should you need it?

1. You literally are saving a life. How many times today will somebody need blood right here in Grand Junction? How about around the country? Will it be someone you know? A family member? Be proactive! Emergencies happen without warning, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared.

Donate today. There's always a need for blood. When national tragedies like those we've suffered over the last few months arise, the need is even greater. It really is a rewarding experience.

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