The world is in chaos with riots, protests, COVID-19, financial crises, and political unrest. On a high note, though, the Flag at the top of Mt. Garfield is flying high and looking great.

Last Sunday evening, August 30, brought about the need for a break. A hike up Mt. Garfield seemed to be in order.

Most of the day Sunday was spent doing yard work, specifically damage control from the weeks of 100-plus-degree heat and no rain. Around 5 p.m. or so, it was time to take a mental break and recharge. Nothing hits the spot like climbing Mt. Garfield. It's the perfect combination of challenge, exercise, focus, and mind-clearing peace and quiet.

At the top of Mt. Garfield you'll find a tall flagpole. Volunteers keep a close eye on the flag, making sure to replace it when needed. At this point in time, the pole also includes the Colorado flag. In case you're wondering, there is a light trained on the flag, keeping it illuminated at night.

This really is something to see. The hike is always great, but there was something special about Sunday. The weather was a bit cooler, or so it seemed. Skies were mostly cloudy, and in a few instances, offered a light rain. On the way back down the light rains offered a much-appreciated rainbow.

Mt. Garfield Rainbow August 30 2020
Waylon Jordan

Yes, I post about the flag a lot. It's something of a fascination with me. I was born in Grand Junction but didn't hike Mt. Garfield until I was well into my 40s. Now, in my 50s, it's a weekly thing. Take a look at the picture at the top and you'll understand the appeal.

If you're looking for a mind-clearing getaway, complimented by fresh air, incredible scenery, and all of the best features of life in Western Colorado, I would like to suggest the east trail at Mt. Garfield. If you can't make the hike, there are several areas in the valley where you can clearly spot the flag. Plan a visit to one of the produce vendors or wineries in the Clifton and Palisade region, and then look north and up about 2,000 feet. You'll like what you see.

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