Right here, right now, Western Colorado has its hands full. Fires are burning out of control, the pandemic continues, and times are uncertain. We do, however, have this watching over us.

As of this morning, a new American flag, accompanied by a new Colorado flag, fly high at the summit of Mt. Garfield. To my knowledge, this is the first time the Colorado flag has been added to the flagpole on Mt. Garfield.

Earlier this morning, Thursday, August 13, one of the volunteers who maintain this site made the climb to replace the existing American flag and add the Colorado flag.

Given the high winds at the top of the Bookcliffs, flags at the site have a short lifespan. In most cases, even a high-quality, reinforced flag lasts three months at best. Most need replaced every one or two months. The flag has been in need of being replaced for some time, but circumstances have made that difficult.

Many people don't realize how magnificent this flag is. It's hard to tell given there's nothing in the area to add perspective, but the flagpole at the top of Mt. Garfield is at least 20 feet tall, probably 25 feet. I keep neglecting to ask. In any event, changing the flag is a two-person job and involves tools and other accessories.

Special thanks to those who take care of the flag on Mt. Garfield. It's a lot of work, time, and expense for these individuals. I, for one, with everything going on, look forward to viewing Mt. Garfield each morning knowing the flag is there and flying high.

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