Do you know the story of how Grand Junction, Colorado's 'Viking Ship' mysteriously appeared out in the desert near Mount Garfield?

Legend has it that locals from Loma, Colorado departed for an area near Clifton on November 9th of 1975. They brought what is said to be loads of scrap materials with them to construct the vessel over the next couple of days. We'll discuss this further in the gallery of photos below.

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Rollie Rogers Viking Ship Near Mount Garfield Outside of Grand Junction Colorado

Robert Grant
Robert Grant

It was Bob Grant who shared some of the first images of the ship in a November 12th, 1975 edition of the Daily Sentinal. The image above was taken some time after the Rollie Rogers had been beached near Mount Garfield, and not long before it sank beneath the desert when some say it was finally set on fire after mostly falling apart.

Do You Have a Photo of the 'Rollie Rogers Viking Ship' near Grand Junction Colorado?

Photos over the past couple of years have become few and far between. Today we are asking anyone who may have a photo of the ship to share it with us by submitting a photo on our free station app, or simply sending us a text that you have some photos and we can then arrange a way to have you submit them so we can all see them.

Travel Back In Time To See Additional Photos of Grand Junction's Lost Viking Ship

Bob Grant had a few more photos of the old Rollie Rogers that we will show you below, along with a little more about Captain Rogers and the crew who built what looks to have been a pretty fun project.

What do we have to do these days to get kids to gather all our scrap out of the garage, haul it down to Clifton, and build something cool with it that others can enjoy?

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1975: Grand Junction Colorado's Viking Ship Sails the High Desert

We're searching for anyone who might have photos of Grand Junction's old Viking Ship that was beached briefly near Mount Garfield.

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