Who exactly are the "Filthy Few," what is their role in establishing trails in Western Colorado, and have your seen them lately?

It seems this is the moniker given to individuals who placed a marker at the top of Western Colorado's Mt. Garfield. Do you know what ever became of the the "Filthy Few."

Whoever they are, they deserve a boat load of kudos. These "few" individuals made the two mile, 2,000-foot climb up Mt. Garfield, apparently back on April 8, 1978.

This really is a remarkable accomplishment considering the hike is already challenging, and that's before you take into account the extra burden of packing an iron geographical marker and a bag of concrete.

Mt. Garfield - The Filthy Few
Waylon Jordan

It seems this marker denotes the outermost projection on the top of Mt. Garfield, rather than the actual summit. The marker itself looks as though it could easily weigh the better part of 35 pounds, add to that the weight of the concrete, not to mention the water needed the mix the concrete, and you have a heavy load.

Kudos to you, the "Filthy Few." Thank you for providing a marker welcoming weary hikers to their long awaited objective.

Please feel free to let us know who you are, so that we might extend our thanks.

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