If you've lived in Colorado for long, then you already know it's by far the best state in the Union. Unfortunately, we still have a few bad things we excel at. Which one thing does Colorado take home the prize for being the worst?

Let's start with the good news. According to mentalfloss.com, Colorado wins the prize for being the "Least Obese" state in the Country.

Now for the bad news. Mentalfloss.com states Colorado bears the shame of "Highest Cocaine Use" in the country.

What about other states? Louisiana has the highest murder rate while Maryland boasts "Worst at Incarcerating the Elderly."

A few of the dishonors awarded are nothing short of laughable. Maine must bear the disgrace of being the state with the "Fewest Heliports." Oh, the shame. What if you live to party? For the outgoing people-type person, where's the worst state to hang out? It seems Massachusetts wins the award for "Worst at Happy Hour."

For those who love animals, there are two states not likely to make your Christmas list: Missouri and Kentucky. Missouri wins the award for "Most Puppy Mills" while Kentucky is the "Worst State to be an Animal."

Well, Colorado, at least we don't suck at Happy Hour. We can proudly say we're not abusing animals or denying our citizens their constitutional right to heliports.

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