Since I deal with the daily annoyance of driving on this road in Grand Junction. I started to wonder 'what road annoys people the most in Grand Junction?'

I was delighted to see that I'm not the only person that is truly annoyed by driving on these roads. After sorting through all the comments on Facebook, according to you, these are the top five most annoying roads in Grand Junction.

#1 - Horizon Drive

This is the most annoying to me too since I live right off Horizon, I deal with those annoying roundabouts on the daily. I'm not sure how people don't know how to use roundabouts, but here we are. I honestly thought by moving to Grand Junction, I'd be getting away from dreaded roundabouts. Boy, was I wrong.

#2 - North Avenue

North Avenue was a close second to Horizon Drive. According to you, it's impossible to take a left and it's so bad that you avoid it.

# 3 - Patterson Road

You guys have a lot of hate for Patterson Road too and I get it. I'm not sure why there's a stoplight every 50 feet, or why people forget how to drive on this road.

There were a few other comments that weren't exactly 'roads' but definitely made me laugh.

The whole area by Rimrock Avenue is pretty confusing.

I partially agree with this one. I think the problem is a combination of both.

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