The Logan County Sheriff's Office, in an effort to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, has asked criminals to cease and desist their nefarious activities.

Granted, it's a stretch but why not?

Employers are letting employees go, restaurants are closing their dining rooms, and all over the state people are feeling the effects of the coronavirus in their lives.

So isn't it time for crooks to take a little time off, too?

It's not always an easy thing to get people to pull in the same direction, but when its a pandemic issue and everyone could be affected, why not take the chance that criminals don't want to get sick either?

The Sheriff's office even went so far as to let criminals know they would be advised when it would be ok for them to once again take part in criminal activity.

But for now, why not take a month or so off, get well and relax, criminals?

It's worth a shot.

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