COVID-19 numbers are rising again across the country as we begin 2024, as a new variant has been showing up in several states, including Colorado.

A recent story from Colorado Public Radio details the state's testing of wastewater to detect COVID and to see which variants are present. This testing has detected the new COVID-19 JN.1 variant in the Centennial State.

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JN.1 COVID Variant in Colorado

Colorado Public Radio reports that the new JN.1, variant makes up about 40% of COVID cases currently in Colorado. The state's COVID-19 dashboard reports that the variant has shown up in 43 out of 54 utilities testing wastewater.

Bizzare Symptoms Reported with JN1

COVID-19 symptoms of the JN.1 variant are different than previous variants. New symptoms include difficulty sleeping and an increased sense of worry or anxiety. When you are sick, it should be easier to fall asleep. This variant makes it harder to rest. Many also report an increased sense of anxiety.

COVID-19 TESTING in Colorado

Home test kits for COVID-19 can be purchased in stores throughout the area, or you can be tested by visiting a clinic in Grand Junction, Delta, or Montrose. 

According to, two weeks of testing in the U.S. ending December 23rd showed JN.1 accounted for 44% of cases in America per CDC data. Along with JN.1, there is also an HV.1 subvariant that is showing up in some states.

Keep going to check out more about the symptoms of JN.1 so you can stay alert this winter.

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