Adam Burke's friend Travis recently posted him for sale on a Grand Junction Facebook group. According to Travis, Adam is looking for a partner to share the love and also sarcasm with.

Friends will do anything to put a smile on your face, including posting you for sale on Facebook. That's exactly what Travis Brewer did to his buddy, Adam Burke. Travis told us that Adam is his best friend and brother. He calls him his brother because they've been through everything together.

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Here's what Travis wants you to know about Adam:

  • He's got baby blues for days
  • He's 26-year-old and about 6-foot tall
  • He's a babe for life
  • He's a pipeliner/remodels homes (so he could probably fix that broken garbage disposal of yours)
  • He puts smiles on lots of people's faces, your face could be next
  • He gives his all to the ones he loves

Delivery is available too, according to Travis. We're directing all ladies who are interested in Adam Burke to his best friend, Travis. Travis will conduct a screening process to find those worthy enough to meet his BFF. Travis says he's looking for the following qualities in Adam's future girlfriend (which could be you:)

  • Sweetness
  • Must love the outdoors
  • Encourages Adam to better himself
  • Can handle sarcasm (Adam is full of it)
  • Must be appreciative

Travis says that Adam has to have a partner who appreciates everything he does for them. Adam is currently heartbroken and his buddy is doing whatever it takes to put a smile on his face.

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The whole reason that Travis did this is to cheer his friend up -- now that's a good friend. Your Adam Burke inquiries can be directed to Travis Brewer on Facebook -- best of luck to you ladies, and also Adam. Your brother Travis definitely has your back. Below is the picture that Travis posted on a Grand Junction Facebook group with the description 'handsome hunk:'

Adam Burke's Best Friend Posted Him For Sale in Grand Junctio
Travis J. Brewer via Facebook

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