Are you kidding me with this? Insane footage of the worst Black Friday moments of last week. Check out the video.

I am not sure if I want to laugh hysterically or throw up in disgust after watching this. A collection of some of the ways we humans behave on what is known as Black Friday. A day that, for some reason, we feel the need to return to our caveman ways.

It honestly looks like these people are trying to escape a natural disaster. But, in actuality, there are headed straight into the eye of the storm. All this for 20 percent off of something that we probably don't even need?

Besides the TV reporter clip thrown in for comic relief, this hearkens back to the Roman Empire when Caesar would throw bread to the lowly peasants. All fighting for a single crumb. Some of these clips look like crime scenes. Or even the annual 'running with the bulls' tradition in Spain. It's anarchy. This is why I stay away from the stores on this ridiculous day.

Hopefully, we can learn something from this. And, no the answer is not to get there earlier and bring more of your posse!

As sad as this is though, I have to admit the video is a little addicting. I have watched it 4 times already.

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