Black Friday is upon us and even though we now have things like Cyber Monday where one can shop from home and still take advantage of deals, a lot of people still brave the crowds. Here are five essentials for going Black Friday shopping in Colorado.

1. Coffee

A lot of people get up really early to go Black Friday shopping, and a lot of stores open really early. If you plan on going Black Friday shopping, you'll want to have some coffee ready not only to wake up but to keep warm.

2. Comfortable Closed Toe Shoes

If you plan on going Black Friday shopping, you're going to be standing a lot and walking a lot. For this reason, it's essential to make sure you wear comfortable shoes. However, don't wear sandals or flip flops, because people have a tendency to go a little crazy on Black Friday and you don't want to get your toes stepped on in open-toe shoes.

3. Warm Clothes

As I mentioned earlier, retailers that participate in Black Friday shopping open really early in the morning, and because of this, you're going to be facing cold weather. In fact, we're only looking at 47 degrees for a high, so warm clothes are essential.

4. Money

Despite Black Friday deals being, for the most part, really discounted prices, it's important to make sure you have enough money to buy that new flat-screen TV you've been wanting. Don't go spending all willy-nilly just because of the great prices.

5. Patience

This is perhaps the most important one. Black Friday has a history of turning well-natured, normal people into rabid beasts. Make sure you walk instead of run and are prepared to wait in line for not only the items you plan to purchase but the checkouts as well.

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