The air is steamier than a Harlequin novel, so the best place to be this summer is inside with the air conditioning on blast.

Sadly, not everyone has that luxury.

Pity the poor people who are employed in jobs that require them to be outside, toiling away while their electrolytes fall as the temperatures rise. If you're one of these souls, it feels like the sun is beaming down on you like a laser with no sign of weakening.

And much like jobs that stink to have in the cold weather, these vocations are needed to keep the world running smoothly, so it's not like you can take a break until the thermometer dips to a level where you don't feel like you're a turkey inside an oven on Thanksgiving Day. But which is the worst one to have? Postal carrier? Construction worker? Firefighter? Or is it something else entirely where the paycheck you receive is smeared by dripping sweat en route to the bank?

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