I found a story online last week that features the 5 Worst Sounds in the Universe, check em out and tell me what makes your hair stand up, for a chance to win a pair of movie passes to Regal Cinema's during the Question of the Day at 8:50!

When you think  of irritating sounds, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For me it's the vuvuzelas, those annoying horns that people honk at sporting events, but most people answered, finger nails down a chalkboard, right?

Well according to researchers, nails on a blackboard is actually the 5th worst sound in the world! With advances in technology, it's probably because chalkboards aren't as commonplace as they once were.

Apparently the sound that takes first place as being the worst: a knife and a bottle. Which leads me to ask, why are you running a knife down a bottle?!

Following that a fork on glass.

Then chalk on a blackboard third

And a ruler on a bottle in fourth.

Miss the segment? Listen here:

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