A new study shows that we are losing about 8 days of sleep every year, and there is one thing to blame.

According to Female First, the average person loses eight days of sleep a year because of worry. Financial issues seems to be the main culprit, but there are other things we worry about like our job and our relationship.

There are some differences between men and women according to the study. Men can't sleep because of financial stress, work stress, outside noise, debt, and  worries about their relationship. Women, on the other hand struggle to sleep because of financial stress, work, their family, snoring and outside noise.

The study indicates it takes the average person about 26 minutes to fall asleep, but it takes 13% of people up to 45 minutes to all asleep. Not me!! I crawl into the sack, about 15 minutes of TV, and I'm pretty sure in less than 10 minutes I'm a goner. I suppose if you count the TV time it comes out to about the average time. The TV time is just a good way to relax and wind down.

The problem is, most of us are spending too much time in bed trying to go to sleep, and not getting enough actual sleep time. It's easier said than done, I know, but the fact is, worry accomplishes nothing and has no benefit. Besides that, it doesn't change anything.

So, the next time you are lying awake in bed worrying about what's happening at work tomorrow, clear your mind of those thoughts and concentrate on something relaxing and worry free - like hitting a beautiful drive down the middle of the #2 fairway at Tiara Rado Golf Course...or lying on a tropical beach soaking in the rays of the sun.