Tossing and turning in bed at night is frustrating especially if you've got a big day a head of you. Test? Job interview? Big presentation?  First date?  Whatever it may be, think twice about that day before, late night snack

According to an article at there are several foods to avoid eating right before your bedtime to help ensure a good night's sleep. There are some obvious ones we all know such as caffeine, chocolate and anything really spicy.

However, some others are lurking that you may never have thought of.

Ice Cream - Yup, that traditional family favorite. Banned before bedtime? (that would make a great band name!) If you're lactose intolerant, put the ice cream down! You should know better. But, experts claim that late night ice cream portions tend to be much larger than normal, hence more fat and more calories.

Dried fruit - Gas, bloating and cramps. No, that's not a law firm. They are  side effects you could suffer through if choosing this seemingly healthy snack choice.

Alcohol - We were surprised at this one because usually after a certain amount of this, sleep is quite easy! Experts say that while that is true, the rest you get will not be adequate REM sleep.

Onion Rings - Fried foods in general are tough on the digestive system, but at night it's twice as rough. The double  whammy is that onions, overall, are a GERD trigger for many people. GERD? Gastro esophageal reflux disease.

Movie popcorn, sugary cereals and red meat also made the list. Looks like they have just wiped out 2/3 of my diet!

So, is it worth it to have that order of onions rings and one more round before hitting the sack.? Our answer in always YES and YES and YES!