Watch this video of a ringtail cat at a Burger King in Colorado. The little cutie came into a Canon City Burger King looking for a treat.

I've recently learned about ringtail cats after you told me it's one of your favorite animals here in Colorado. This lemur-like animal was seen by a customer at a Burger King in Canon City.

John E McIntyre shared a video that shows a ringtail cat right next to the drink machines. He says in the video he's just in a Burger King and looks up and sees this little guy.

The ringtail cat looks like he's trying to drink from one of the drink machines. This ringtail cat's big eyes get even bigger and his ears go back as it keeps looking at John taking the video and back to drink from the smoothie machine. Seems like the ringtail cat is trying to be polite about 'having it his way' at Burger King.

As he's filming John says "you guys have pets that I don't know about? Look at this guy! He's looking right at me. How did you get in here? Bruh!"

John says something to a Burger King employee and it seems like they have no idea the ringtail cat was even in there. It would make sense that the ringtail cat was drinking from one of their drink machines. Other than eating some insects and lizards, they also enjoy fruit and drinking from hummingbird feeders.

I think this is the cutest thing I've ever seen at a Burger King. 10/10 would give this cutie a treat.

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