Canon City's famous albino deer is shown hanging out with his herd in a field in Canon City. This video of the beautiful albino deer is absolutely mesmerizing.

The deer stands out from its siblings, considering it is the only albino one in the herd. It seems like its grown since the last time we saw it. The deer hangs out in the middle of a field in Canon City surrounded by its family.

It bends down to graze on the grass while looking up at the camera from time to time. Canon City's albino deer is pretty much famous. I think this attention can be good and bad. But with so much attention on the albino deer, hopefully, it means it's more protected.

Any attempts to make this deer their trophy will be under watch, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Zach Holder.

The only time that this deer will have a camouflage advantage over hits siblings, is when it snows. I hope to see this deer live through many winters in Canon City and continue to be a public figure here in Colorado.

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