Canon City's famous albino mule deer has been spotted. Take a look at the pictures of this stunning albino deer just straight up chilling.

I'm happy to have an update on this famous deer. Canon City's albino mule deer look like its doing great. The Canon City Daily Record posted these pictures of the stunner on their Facebook:

The deer looks like its eating well and has definitely gotten bigger. Whenever someone questioned the location of the deer on Canon City Daily Record's Facebook they got this response:

It's kept a secret for its safety.

I love seeing people care about animals and protecting them too. I'm sure that some people look at this deer as a trophy.

This albino mule deer is so well-known in the community that it's not going anywhere. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer, Zach Holder, this will give this animal a greater chance of survival. It's a stunning animal and I hope to keep seeing updates on it.

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