Canon City's most famous deer is absolutely stunning, just look at this picture. The beautiful deer looks as if it's posing for the picture.

This beautiful young albino deer is hanging out with his siblings in a field in Canon City. Its sibling is laying down in a plush field of grass, looking very comfortable. The albino deer almost looks like it is posing for the camera. The albino deer strikes a pose, while its sibling pays the camera no mind.

It's a gorgeous deer that should be protected at all costs. Albino deer don't have any camouflage and their eyesight is decreased, and makes them susceptible to predators,  according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Zach Holder. CPW Officer Zach Holder also stated:

The good thing in town is we don't have predators and people are watching them where it's a controlled environment, and because of that, it has a much greater chance of survival.

It's a good and bad thing that this albino deer draws so much attention. But if something bad were to happen to this deer, hopefully, someone would be there to stop it or report it.

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