Canon City's albino deer is so famous and such a big part of the community, the deer has a name. And now that's it's snowy, Canon City's albino deer now blends in perfectly.

Back in March, Canon City set out to name their beloved albino mule deer. This deer has been spotted countless times around town and is now a part of the Canon City Community.

The town voted and decided on the name Tilde. Tilde actually means the character that's placed over the first 'n' in Cañon City. Not only did they name it Tilde, but they also recognized the importance of keeping it safe. In naming this albino deer, it is now off-limits from any and all hunting efforts.

Tilde usually stands out from its herd and its surroundings. But since it started snowing in Canon City, Tilde blends right in. Tilde has clearly grown a lot bigger and now he even has decent sized antlers.

This animal is just so majestic and beautiful, I hope that he's a part of the Canon City community for years to come. The odds of an albino deer being born are about 1 in 20,000.

I'd love to catch a glimpse of this extraordinary animal. I know I'd rather see it in the wild than in someone's house as a trophy. This is why Canon City has recognized its significance in the community and is protecting it from being hunted.

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