Why do we like to visit jail cells and old prisons? Why do they even make them available to attend? Have you ever visited San Quentin or Alcatraz? I visited Alcatraz and took a tour; much to my amazement there was also an old prison inmate at the prison who had written a book and was autographing copies.
It is so intriguing to know who was put away and why they were there.

Have you ever visited the Colorado Prison Museum? The Colorado Prison Museum is in Canon City.
The prison first opened it's doors in 1871 and continued for 140 years. There are quite a few exhibits and features inmate Alfred Packer convicted of cannibalism and Antone Woode a twelve-year-old convicted of murder.
Alfred Packer was part of a mining team who were stuck in the dead of winter in the Colorado mountains, they had no food and resorted to eating their mocassins when that ran out the men became so hungry that Alfred Packer killed and ate his fellow mining partners.
The Colorado Prison Museum is rich in history if you would like to take a tour you can find all the information here.

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