Wyoming is full of hidden gems and natural wonders that entrance tourists and residents alike. Our landmarks and attractions have captured people's imaginations for hundreds of years - it's no wonder that the first National Park, National Monument, and National Forest all reside in the Cowboy State!

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Between the mysterious rock formations of Vedauwoo to the awe-inspiring heights of the Tetons, there's something to inspire every visitor to our beautiful state. But apparently, one of Wyoming's most famous landmarks is also one of the country's most overrated tourist hotspots. But...which one is it?

The Most Overrated Tourist Spot in Wyoming is Inside Yellowstone National Park.

The jewel in Wyoming's crown of natural wonders is Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is one of the world's top tourist destinations, home to roving bison, technicolored pools and hot springs, and mountain views galore. But this jewel has one attraction that doesn't "wow" every visitor.

Old Faithful Geyser is perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks inside Yellowstone National Park. But, according to a survey by HawaiianIslands.com, it's one of the most overrated destinations in the country. The survey analyzed how many times a destination is called "overrated" by visitors in Trip Advisor reviews. Old Faithful ranks as the 30th most overrated hot spot by tourists, with folks calling it "overrated" at 19.9 per 1,000 reviews.

Just ahead of Old Faithful in the "most overrated" category is 29th the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington, and the Central Park Zoo ranks 31st. According to the survey, the most overrated tourist destination in the country is Universal Studio's Volcano Bay.

Why Is Old Faithful Overrated?

Now, I'll be the first to admit I have not visited Yellowstone. I know; it's on my list. I'll get there eventually. That said, I can understand why some people wouldn't find Old Faithful that interesting. If you miss the geyser's eruption, you'll find yourself staring at a mostly empty landscape, surrounded by other tourists who had hoped to catch a selfie during the eruption.

But maybe it's all about perspective. Remember, Old Faithful is a geyser releasing thousands of gallons of steam and water from deep within the ground as Yellowstone's supervolcano heats water to a boiling point. So its eruption is, quite literally, the Earth blowing off steam. How cool is that?

Plus, you can always avoid significant crowds that put a damper on the site by visiting outside the busy hours of noon to six p.m. Just food for thought for those tourists out there with little love for Yellowstone's treasured geyser.

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