When I asked a few weeks ago what the biggest issues Grand Junction is facing are, one of the number one complaints was the road construction.

Now, I've only lived here since about August, but I've definitely noticed that road construction is a huge headache in town. In fact, almost every day after work I have to figure out which side of the street the construction is on and depending on where it is, take either 29 Road or 29 1/4 Road to get home.

I woke up around 7 a.m. to what felt like small earthquakes. The entire house was shaking, pictures on the wall were rattling and the dog was going crazy. Every time I tried to go back to sleep I was awoken by huge BOOMS.

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Yes, that was annoying, but when I went to the window I was greeted with this view. There was literally nowhere for my car to go. They had completely dug up the middle of the road and all of the asphalt was covered with dirt. There was heavy machinery, trailers, and dumpsters completely blocking any possible exit for me.

Because this was first thing in the morning I'll admit I was cranky, and when I told one of the workers that I had to leave in about 30 minutes he was very friendly and assured me that I'd be able to leave, which I was.

However, the one thing that really gets me is the lack of communication between the road crews and residents. What if I had an emergency? What if I hadn't gone and talked to the guy when I did? Would I have been waiting in my car for the next 30 minutes while they move everything and end up being late for work? If you know me, you know I absolutely hate being late.

Here's my suggestion, let's have an open line of communication between road crews and residents. A simple note on the door is totally sufficient, apartment complexes do it all the time. If I would have gotten a note that said, "Hey, by the way, we're tearing up the road tomorrow morning, there's going to be a bunch of stuff in the way of your car, please let us know when you need to leave and we'll make sure you'll be good" would have made a world of difference

Like I said before, the road crew guys were very friendly and I did get out and make it to work on time, but a little more common courtesy would definitely be appreciated.

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