This is such a hard thing not only to talk about, but to put out there to all the world when people are already so mean and uncaring of other people's struggles. First -- you must know I feel very comfortable with you, and I am thankful that you are as supportive of me as you all are. I completely understand and appreciate that we have a bond, and I feel that every night when I am on the air from 7-12. That's one of the many reasons I wanted to do this blog.

It's not like people don't know I'm fat. I mean ... it's obvious. What you might not know is I struggle with food -- and I mean a lot. I have a love affair with it. It's no doubt an addiction, and I struggle with it daily. I am watching my diet, and now I'm working out every day to help get all this weight off. I want to get healthy for my overall well-being, and to maybe look a little more presentable.

Today was my first day back in the gym with my trainer Michael since the surgery, and it makes me feel good to know I am getting back on track. Whether you understand my struggle or not, I sure would appreciate your thoughts and prayers. To all of you skinny people who can eat anything and everything without a worry or a pound gained -- I'm jealous! To all of you who, like me, struggle with food -- I wish I could take us all to Vegas to close down the buffet at the Bellagio ... but I don't think that would be a good idea!

See ya back here tomorrow at 5PM for a little behind-the-scenes look at my radio show, Taste of Country Nights.

Jeremy Robinson is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a syndicated radio show that airs on 41 stations across the United States on weeknights. Radio has been his life since the age of nine, when he “hosted” a show out of his bedroom. After almost 16 years on the air, country music isn’t just his job — it’s also his passion.

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