Want to lose a few pounds? Eat Pizza!

That just sounds a little bit odd, doesn't it? Honestly, since when can you eat pizza and lose weight?

Since this study came out, that's since when!

Now let me just say pizza has not all of a sudden become a healthy choice for dieters.

An article in Men's Health Magazine figured out the best way to stick to your diet is to break it.

Wait. What?

Circle logic always escaped me anyway, so I had to dig into this article to find out where the joke was. Turns out this is serious.

Men's health took a group of dieters and put them on a 10,500 calorie diet per week. But half of them were allowed to cheat on Sunday and eat whatever they want. According to the study, both groups lost body mass and weight but there was one difference between the groups.

Attitude. Those who were allowed the cheat day were much more motivated to stay on their diet, seeing that they could cheat one day a week and still lose weight. That's where pizza comes in.

Check out the article, then plan your diet with a free, eat what you want day and see if it helps you!

And make sure you let us know!

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